Breaking story in the Washington Times:

U.S. told of Iranian effort to create nuclear warhead – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics – December 02, 2004: “Recent intelligence shows Iran has been working to produce a missile re-entry vehicle containing a small nuclear warhead for its Shahab missiles and has encountered problems developing a reliable centrifuge system for uranium enrichment, U.S. officials said.

The officials, who discussed the intelligence on the condition of anonymity, said Iran’s new nuclear warhead program includes what specialists call the basic ‘physics package’ for fitting a nuclear bomb inside the nose cone of a missile. “

If anyone believes for a moment that this activity is not occuring in secret we have a bridge to sell you. Of course, if exposed publicly, there will be full denials as any project of this type would be considered an Iranian national security issue under the claim that the intent would be for defensive and deterent purposes only. So much for nuclear non-proliferation. — zzb