Here is a NOAA satellite imaging / computer animation of the tidal wave from the 8.9 earthquake in Sumatra. Interesting what we can do with technology (except warn people) !!

Check this out :

NOAA Animation

Even folks on the eastern shores of Africa have fell victim…. Sri Lanka clearly took the bront of it outside of the epicenter near Sumatra and Thailand.

Given the fact that seismologists were informed almost instantly around the world. (We in fact get eMail updates here on any event greater than a magnitude 4.0) How can it be that a warning system has not yet been worked for aftermath events such as tsunamis which are almost a certainty after a major quake at sea? In fact the entire process could be automated via GPS and the Web given the instant communications today.

Man is certainly a reactive creature. We wait for the disasters then go figure out how to protect against the next one. [sarcasim]