The jurors began deliberating whether Peterson should be sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday. The panel deliberated about 11 1/2 hours before reaching a unanimous verdict. Jurors reached their decision after they requested autopsy photos and other evidence that had been under court seal and presented during the guilt phase of the trial. ” [ABC News] more…

There were cheers outside the courthouse as the bailiff read the sentence of Death. There was a tremendous amount of emotion exhibited, yet Scott Petereson remained stoic. The jurors then filed out looking away from the defendent.

The judge does have the option to reduce the sentence to Life without Parole some time in February, but a change is deemed highly unlikely. There more than likely will be an appeal, which will also prove fruitless. The long process begins on average +20 years before the sentence is actually carried out.

The general media will squeeze as much out of the story as they can and then will move on. Most likley next candidate ? Michael Wacko Jackson…. give it about 2 days… Currently they are waiting to interview the jurors if they decide to speak to the media.