Want to get a better understanding of what is happening in Iraq that is not slanted by Al-Jazeera or the Western Media? Here is a source for news that is not just sensational violence. It provides a perspective on the progress being made by the Iraqi people to wrench back control of their own destiny to build a new future for their children and themselves. The following is from a column wrtten by Muhammed Abdul Jabbar al- Shabout / presumably a reporter or editor of the Al-Saabah Newspaper in Baghdad.

Those who plan and carry out military operations in Iraq are very clear in their acts, goals and activities, which is a crystal clear in their declarations and sayings backed by their practices.

Yesterday, Usama Bin Ladin appointed his colleague Abu Mus’ab al- Zarqawi as a leader of Mujahideen in Iraq as they practice jihad its nature and reality no more hidden for Iraqi individual . Bin Ladin’s clarity is so reflected in his call for escalating military operations.

So the acts depicted practical reply for the call addressed by Imam of Jihad against Iraqis as ‘Resistance heroes’ launched a comprehensive, strategic and economic war against Iraqi oil. Over three days, they bombed Al- Dora and Basra oil refineries as well as strategic oil pipeline transporting oil near Mussayab and oil pipeline transporting oil from Kirkuk to Al- Dora besides main oil pipeline transporting oil to the north.

They impose oil blockade not only on Baghdad, where is the population make up more than six millions, but also on Iraq as a whole. Iraqi oil exports declined in the southern region only…” – Muhammed Abdul Jabbar al- Shabout More… (worth the read)

His english column is worth the read, and we hope the author can provide more in english over time. The paper and site are in Arabic, however there is one page authored by a staff writer with some written English skills. While the English is not perfect, it nevertheless gets the points home! The front page in Arabic with photos can be found at Al-Sabaah