Congress certified President Bush’s election yesterday amid some minor distrubances over the Ohio electoral vote. Someone should explain to Rev. Jackson that sour grapes do not make fine wine. We wonder if there would be any real traction to abolishing the electoral college? Rest assured if that did occur, albeit quite unlikely, the first election decided by a close popular vote would be recast in the light of the post election “what if’ers” arguing for Congress to restore it! There is no excuse in this day and age of modern technology to not have a fool proof, un-tamperable, state of the art voting tabulation system in place. Surely it could be established for 1/1000th of what it costs to wage a war in the Middle East.

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Congress on Thursday formally certified President Bush (news – web sites) as the victor of the November elections after two Democrats symbolically stalled the event in protest at alleged voting irregularities in Ohio.”…

…About 200 protesters near the White House, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, beat drums and urged Congress not to certify the results because they said unreliable voting machines and partisan election officials had tilted the closely fought swing state of Ohio to Bush.

Tubbs-Jones and Boxer listed a number of problems in Ohio, including rejection of provisional ballots, long lines and inadequate numbers of voting machines in urban neighborhoods that tended to back Kerry.

But one of Ohio’s senators, Republican Mike DeWine, called the complaints “wild, incoherent and completely unsubstantiated.” Several lawmakers in both chambers noted that Ohio votes had been recounted and the results certified by bipartisan local election boards… More

Peacful protest is a 1st Amendment right and should be respected. Even when the protesting smacks more of sour grapes, appears sophmorish and classless. Who was listening to the drum beating, and by the way, who cared? – zzb