I know what you are thinking… Oh how your mind plays nasty dirty tricks on you. Such creativity, n’est pas? A women’s hand, (you know that from the nail polish right? Are you sure?), a PC mouse (It is a scroll mouse isn’t it?), and a flesh colored background. Oh, one other thing… Position, Position, Position…. Put it all together in just the right orientation and, Voila! You have a modern day version of a French ink blot test. Let’s see now — Is it a vase or a old women’s profile? 🙂

We stumbled upon this advertisment… FRENCH in origin. Where else would one expect to see something like this in mainstream media? Microtec mice will never be the same we just wonder whether any pussy will ever catch and eat this mouse?

One might consider this a new age Rorschack test for the sexually starved and perverted. Hey… lets give some credit to “She’s Undone” from whence the fleshy pink image caught our eye.

If ever we needed some creative captions from all of you this is the time. So who is up for it ? Thanks for this one Jadegirl – zzb