LGF (Little Green Footballs) pulled a short transcript from a recent Howard Dean speech. Wow… is the DNC in trouble!

Dean told the Hiebert fund-raiser that gay marriage was a Republican diversion from discussions of ballooning deficits and lost American jobs. That presents an opportunity to attract moderate Republicans, he said.

“Moderate Republicans can’t stand these people (conservatives), because they’re intolerant. They don’t think tolerance is a virtue,” Dean said, adding: “I’m not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant.” – [ that about sums it up – zzb]

And concluding his backyard speech with a litany of Democratic values, he added: “This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good.”

We wonder how many Southern / Moderate Democrats will be left in hte DNC after the reign of Howard Dean. Get out the straight jackets and thorazine…. here comes Howard. – zzb