As if one war front was not enough…

Yahoo! News – Bush: World Must Speak with One Voice on Iran Nukes: “‘The Iranians just need to know that the free world is working together to send a very clear message: Don’t develop a nuclear weapon,’ Bush said.

‘And the reason we’re sending that message is because Iran with a nuclear weapon would be a very destabilizing force in the world,’ he said during a meeting with Poland’s president.

Bush said he looked forward to discussing concerns about Iran with European allies. ‘It’s important we speak with one voice,’ he said.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (news – web sites) has raised U.S. concerns about Iran during her trip to Europe. ‘I’m very pleased with the response that European leaders have given to Dr. Rice on this issue,’ Bush said.”

The pressure must come from the UN Security Council this time to avoid a repeat of Iraq. The question is, will countries such as France, apply the pressure or once again play the role of spoiler?