North Korean rockets can strike United States: CIA : “CIA director Porter Goss has warned that North Korean missiles are capable of reaching the United States with a nuclear weapon-sized payload.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee a week after North Korea claimed it has nuclear weapons, Goss on Wednesday said the US intelligence community’s assessment is that the North Korean missile, the TD-2, is capable of reaching the United States with a nuclear weapon-sized payload.

He also noted that Iran is pursuing long-range ballistic missiles. Rejecting the Iranian claim that it is interested only in nuclear power, Goss said, ‘We are more concerned about the dual-use nature of the technology.’

Goss said, echoing what other officials had already said, that Iran was ‘supporting some anti-coalition activities in Iraq.’ He added that Iran could encourage attacks on Israel through Hezbollah in hopes of derailing peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

He also warned the Committee that there is an emerging threat from experienced fighters now fighting US and other forces in Iraq.”

The world is just filled with good news these days, isn’t it? We smell more “Manifest Democracy” (not to be confused with Manifest Destiny) on the horizon…

Even far more disturbing…..

By PERCY MANN WASHINGTON — North Korea has aimed hundreds of long-range missiles tipped with anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague and other deadly viruses directly at the United States. And there is a “very real and disturbing chance” they will launch them, intelligence sources have warned President George W. Bush and key members of Congress, “before the year is out.” To make matters worse, say the sources, the “virus missiles” can’t be stopped. Once in the air, even if they miss their target or we blow them out of the sky with defensive missiles of our own, the viruses will still escape into the atmosphere — and might possibly wipe out even more people over a wider area than if we let them sail uncontested into American air space and slam into American soil. As it stands, the Pentagon has projected that a single virus missile could wipe out 70 to …

Time we wrap up Iraq… and focus on the real threats… – zzb