Satire(2005-03-08) — Just a day after enacting a new anti-secession law for Taiwan, the communist Chinese government announced today that it would begin construction of an immense stone wall in the Pacific Ocean to encircle the island of Taiwan and protect its citizens from ‘foreign encroachment.’

The wall, roughly 1,400 miles long and extending from the ocean floor to 300 feet above the surface, will ‘reinforce the common bond the Chinese people share with the residents of our island territory,’ according to an official government news release.

‘The wall will keep out damaging waves from the rising tide of global democracy which threatens our idyllic way of life,’ the government said. ‘Some people claim that our communist ideology has already been defeated, and that we are a relic of a failed social experiment. But this mighty stone wall will demonstrate the triumph of the people’s revolution over capitalism, religion and western thought.'” – ScrappleFace / S.Ott

Scott Ott takes another well aimed shot at the communist ambitions of “re-unifying” Taiwan. Way to go Scott! Keep them coming ! — zzb