Here is a very interesting article we came across that explains some of the scientific explaination for why we often hear a tune in our heads over and over… found this very interesing:

BBC NEWS | Health | How tunes get stuck in your head: “A US team from Dartmouth College, reported in the journal Nature, played volunteers tunes with snippets cut out.

They scanned for brain activity and found it centred in the auditory cortex – which handles information from ears.

When familiar tunes played, the cortex activity continued during the blanks – and the volunteers indeed said they still mentally ‘heard’ the tunes.” More… worth the read

This is worth the read if you are interested in Music or Biology… or just wondered about how is it that when you hear a song you haven’t heard for years it can sort of “transport” you back in time and you can remember experiances associated with that song! Facinating stuff. — zzb