As the storm clouds continue to form over Major League Baseball, Jeremy Giambi now openly admits to using steroids as reproted by the Kansas City Star. – MLB – Report: Jeremy Giambi says he used steroids: “KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former major leaguer Jeremy Giambi admitted he used steroids, The Kansas City Star reported Sunday.

‘It’s something I did,’ Giambi told the newspaper. ‘I apologize. I made a mistake. I moved on. I kind of want it in the past.’

Giambi, the younger brother of Yankees star Jason Giambi, signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday. While he did not specifically say his brother used steroids, Jeremy Giambi noted a news conference his brother had last month in New York during which he apologized profusely, but did not say why he was apologizing.

‘If you don’t know what he’s apologizing for,’ Jeremy Giambi said, ‘you must’ve been in a coma for two years.’

Jeremy Giambi declined to be specific about his steroid use. He told the newspaper he wants to come clean about steroids and hopes others will do the same.” — A/P

There is little doubt that big brother may have introduced the controversial chemicals to his younger brother in Oakland. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg as most all of America probably already surmises given the shattering of so many records over the past 5 years. Sad. — zzb