“(2005-04-20) — Governors of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon today praised California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call to ‘close the borders,’ saying it would improve the security and living conditions of all citizens in their own states.

However, a spokesman for Gov. Schwarzenegger said he was speaking of the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada, not California’s borders with neighboring states.

‘We’re grateful for Arnold’s unilateral move to protect us from incursion by Californians,’ the three governors said in a joint news release. ‘Our porous borders have posed a grave threat to our states for too many years. The ideological degradation spawned by this influx has devastated our own local cultures.’

A spokesman for the local branch of the Minuteman Project said its patrols would continue to man border checkpoints looking for California license plates and ‘backpackers in Birkenstocks.'” – Scott Ott