“GAZA, May 22 (Xinhuanet) — Palestinian militant group Hamas said on Sunday that it is strongly opposed to a visit by Laura Bush, wife of US President George W. Bush, to Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem.

‘We strongly reject this visit and we consider it against the highest interests and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people,’ said a Hamas leaflet.

‘In principle, we are not against a visit to Al Aqsa Mosque, but the visit of Ms. Bush is aimed at improving US image in the Islamic world after US army officers tore the papers of Quran before prisoners at the Guantanamo detention camp,’ it said.

‘Since her visit to the mosque was only coordinated with Israel and secured by Israeli security forces, it means that she gives legality to the military occupation of our territories,’ it added. ” More…

America… The country the world loves to hate regardless of intent or who the messanger of reconciliation is. Why bother? No matter what we say or do it will be twisted by anti American elements.