This may seem like old news, but if you are a FireFox user, like we are, be sure to download your upgrade.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 Released – MozillaZine Talkback: “Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 has been released. This latest update fixes three security vulnerabilities listed on the known vulnerabilities page (MFSA 2005-42, MFSA 2005-43 and MFSA 2005-44) and resolves a DHTML regression introduced in Firefox 1.0.3.

Rafael Ebron sent us what looks like the Mozilla Foundation’s official word on 1.0.4: ‘Firefox 1.0.4 is a security update to resolve the recently reported vulnerabilities. To our knowledge, no users have been adversely affected by these vulnerabilities.

‘A proof of concept of the vulnerabilities was reported last weekend (Mother’s Day weekend) and Mozilla immediately took action to prevent active exploits via changes made to the Mozilla Update web service. We also posted a work around so users can further protect themselves by temporarily disabling automatic install from a web site.

‘The Mozilla Foundation is deeply committed to providing a safe and secure Internet experience and staying ahead of potential exploits. The Foundation takes security very seriously and is releasing Firefox 1.0.4 to ensure that we continue to provide users the experience they have come to trust.’

Grab Firefox 1.0.4 from the Firefox product page and check out the Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 Release Notes for more information.”

We complement the team at Mozzila for jumping on this “vulerability” BEFORE it could have been exploited by hackers. The proactive approach at Moxilla and the FireFox team is a refreshing approach to browser premptive patching unlike some other major browser developers who will go nameless.