Can South Park really have a conservative viewpoint? Can this really be?

South Park Conservatives : The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias: “This book is hilarious! I am a college student and this book scored a direct hit – not just with me but with most of my friends. Political correctness in this country has gone too far. My friends and I are pretty liberal socially, but don’t want to be associated with the Democratic Party because they’ve turned into the party of the absurd. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch South Park or read this book. The reason S.P. is so funny is because it’s not so far off from reality. Sad but true.” – V.Chais

Also there was this piece this morning over at Scrappleface. You guessed it. Regarding this hot book. There is something afoot going on over in South Park!

DNC Funds Rebuttal to ‘South Park Conservatives’
by Scott Ott (Satire)

(2005-05-05) — The Democrat National Committee (DNC) today announced it would fund publication of a book to challenge the thesis of the new bestseller ‘South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias‘, by Manhattan Institute editor Brian Anderson.

The rebuttal book, ‘Looney Tunes Liberals: The Peoples’ Revolt Against Wacky Accusations of Media Bias’, will “chronicle the grassroots backlash by progressive Americans against the right-wing conspiracy to label news organizations as left-leaning,” an unnamed DNC spokesman said.

“Anderson’s book falsely claims that conservatives in talkradio, the blogosphere and publishing, have begun to overthrow the liberal media,” said the DNC source. “‘Looney Tunes Liberals’ will prove that there is no liberal media bias and, even if there were, conservatives are too stupid to overcome it or even to notice it. Mainstream Americans are furious about this fascist smear campaign against our trusted news sources.”

The DNC hired New York Times columnist Frank Rich to write ‘Looney Tunes Liberals’ after reading Mr. Rich’s review of ‘South Park Conservatives’ earlier this week.

The columnist said his review illustrates the kind of research that will go into writing the new book.

“The right-wing conspiracy is so patently obvious that I wrote that scathing review after simply skimming the dustjacket of South Park Conservatives,” said Mr. Rich. “Some truths are self-evident.”

The 600-page ‘Looney Tunes Liberals’ will hit bookstores nationwide by the end of next week. – Scott Ott

South Park Conservatives — getting alot of press !!! What’s really great about SouthPark is that nothing is sacred ! Satire de jour!