Give credit where credit is due. Bill Gates foundation makes a major contribution to the fight against HIV. Makes me feel that some of my hard earned money that has gone to Mister Softee had a higher purpose.

(London) “British scientists have been awarded multi-million pound grants for research into tuberculosis, malaria and HIV by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

Mr Gates is donating £240m to 43 projects world-wide designed to tackle some of the world’s biggest killers.

Among the successful bidders is London’s Imperial College, which will receive £11m to fund work on TB.

St George’s Medical School in London will get £10.7m to develop a HIV vaccine for women.

It’s shocking how little research is directed toward the diseases of the world’s poorest countries
Bill Gates

Two teams at Oxford University have been awarded grants.

One will be given £9m to investigate why some people appear to be more resistant to malaria than others, and a second will be given £5.4m to investigate vaccines for HIV, TB and malaria” More…