Another outrageous parody from Scott!

“Jailed Journalist Reports NY Times Desecration
by Scott Ott

(2005-07-09) — Law enforcement authorities in major U.S. cities put riot police on high alert today after recently-jailed journalist Judith Miller complained that prison guards had desecrated her copy of The New York Times.

‘We know that journalists worship the Times,’ said one deputy police chief, ‘If they take to the streets in protest, things could get ugly fast.’

Ms. Miller, who works for the Times’ counter-intelligence department, told an unnamed visitor that her copy of the revered ‘Gray Lady’ had been carelessly tossed on the floor, handled by a conservative Republican jailer (who she called ‘an infidel’) and may have been used as a lining for a cat’s litter box.

‘They did everything but flush it down the toilet,’ she said. ‘They have no respect for the ‘paper of record’, may it publish forever, nor for the wise and powerful ones who create this daily miracle.’

Wednesday, a judge sentenced Ms. Miller to jail for obstructing a federal investigation into who leaked the identity of a covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame, who also posed for pictures in a top-secret issue of Vanity Fair magazine.” — Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

So do you have an opinon or are you too offended as a die hard NYT reader? (Or are you just too busy just clicking away on the blog exchanges to even have an opinion?)