(Gaza) Israeli forces are due to resume operations on Sunday (8/20) to evacuate the few settlements still occupied.

Palestinian militant group Hamas has pledged to continue its armed campaign against Israel after the Gaza pullout.

‘Gaza is not Palestine,’ a spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing told a news conference in Gaza City.

The group has said it will maintain its ceasefire during the withdrawal, but the spokesman vowed future ‘resistance’.

Picture of Map Settlements… courtesy of BBC

‘As for Jerusalem and the West Bank, we will seek to liberate them by resistance just as the Gaza Strip was liberated,’ he said.

Any attack by Hamas could prompt swift Israeli reprisals and damage support for Mr Abbas, says the BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Gaza.” More…

Just how Abbas will be able to separate himself from Hamas, and indeed disarm this terror group, remains the most elusive unanswered question in this new chapter of Middle Eastern history.