The Radio Equalizer -Brian Maloney: Staffers Worried About AAR’s Future: “Just how bad are workplace conditions for Air America staffers?

Perhaps far worse than we’d previously thought.

It’s bad enough the company is generating fresh bad publicity almost daily, over the diverted $875,000 in taxpayer funds intended for a Bronx-based community service organization.

Now, to make matters worse, an internal memo obtained by the Radio Equalizer indicates Air America Radio employees faced late paychecks just over a week ago.

They were apparently stunned to receive a last-minute notice sent at 5:09pm Thursday, July 28th, indicating direct deposits would not be made Friday, as expected.

Written by company Vice President/Finance Sinohe Terrero (this article confims Terrero’s corporate role), it implied the payroll processing company was to blame:” – The Radio Equalizer Read More…

Could it be that Al Franken is piloting Air America “right” into the side of mountain?