“Mixed Signals: Roberts Took Liberal Portion of Red Meat
by Scott Ott

(2005-08-05) — In a revelation which further confused advocates on the right and left, a new Freedom of Information Act release shows that Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts once took liberal portions of red meat at a non-partisan fundraising event.

‘You can’t nail this guy down ideologically,’ said one Republican strategist. ‘He seems to be against civil rights, but helped defend homosexual rights. He’s a right-wing hack who tried to save a murderer from the death penalty. And now we learn of his mysterious political behavior at meal time.’

Information about the ‘buffet gate’ incident comes from the diary of Judge Robert’s wife, who penned her concern that her husband had piled his plate with medium-rare roast beef at a non-political dinner.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, ‘There’s no surprise here. Red meat is part of a balanced diet, and one liberal portion doesn’t make a man a glutton nor a strict carnivore.'” Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

As a private lawyer, John G. Roberts Jr. represented homeless Washingtonians who had lost their government benefits because of city budget cuts. He advocated environmental protections for Lake Tahoe, Glacier Bay and the Grand Canyon. He spent 25 hours assisting a convicted murderer with a death penalty appeal. He even helped gay rights activists win a landmark Supreme Court anti-discrimination case.

At first blush, these cases would seem to complicate any image of the Supreme Court nominee as a down-the-line conservative. But as details have emerged in recent days, conservative groups have been busy spreading the word to their members and the broader public about what they should think of Roberts’s work in private practice: Pay it no mind.” More…