Iraqis Blame Dog for Missed Constitution Deadline
by Scott Ott

(2005-08-16) — Members of the Iraqi National Assembly, who last night approved a one-week extension to the deadline for completing a draft of the new constitution, said they missed the initial August 15 deadline because ‘our dog ate the first draft.’

While critics pointed to the delay as evidence of the failure of President George Bush’s Iraq policy, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the missed deadline and subsequent blaming of the dog, ‘prove that we’re witnessing the birth of a representative republic in Iraq much like our own.’

As the midnight deadline approached, debate in the Assembly focused on whether to attribute the incomplete assignment to a recent three-day sandstorm, the hungry dog or the fact that the Baghdad library had loaned out a key historical reference book, making it impossible to complete the constitutional footnotes in a timely fashion.

A motion to offer the excuse ‘we overslept’ was defeated by a narrow margin, as was a resolution blaming the delay on an empty inkjet cartridge.”

LOL…. Hey, maybe they lost the cliff notes version of the US Constitution and are being forced to wing it? Or their servers might be down and they can’t link to ! It took us years to get our constitution right… they are trying to do it in months! Good Luck…. Prediction: Civil War with major powers absorbing the place to stabilize it. Turkey, Iran and God knows who else.