Separation of Church and State… what a concept! Ever wonder why it is being ignored? The Canadian Constitution may or may not have it spelled out as it is in the U.S. Constitution but trust me, these headlines should give lefties and righties alike in the U.S. a reason for stepping back from their constant bickering and refocus on the threat of religious fundamentalism from ANY religion.

(Ottawa) “Islamic law could be used to settle civil and marital disputes under a proposal made by former Ontario Attorney General Marion Boyd.

Roman Catholic and Jewish arbitration tribunals already operate Ontario.

Opponents of Sharia law say allowing Islamic tribunals could lead to discrimination against women.

A protest march is scheduled for Thursday in Toronto, which is the capital of Canada’s most populous and multi-cultural province.

Other Canadian marches are due in Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal and Victoria, while in Europe there will be rallies in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Goteborg, London and Paris.” More…