Scott Ott may have hit the nail on the head with his latest satrical article today. You have to admit, the right actually feels disappointed that the left has thus far been silent on this nominee.

ScrappleFace: After Miers, Bush Promises Big Fight with Dems
(2005-10-04) — President George Bush, in an effort to calm the Republican party’s conservative base after his appointment of the relatively-unknown Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, today promised that he would ‘make things right by picking a fight‘ with Congressional Democrats in early 2006.

‘I know my fellow right-wingers were hoping for a big ideological brawl over this nomination,’ said Mr. Bush in a letter to supporters. ‘I guess for some of us, this feels like winning a baseball game by forfeit when the other team doesn’t show up. You still get the win, but it doesn’t get your blood going.’

The president assured conservatives that he has ordered White House staff to ‘identify an issue where it’s more important to stage a public fight with Democrats than to accomplish our strategic goals.’

‘When we find that issue,’ Mr. Bush told the party faithful, ‘I’ll just walk up to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and spit in his eye.'” — Scott Ott