(Washington)”US President George Bush has chosen a close aide, White House counsel Harriet Miers, for a key Supreme Court vacancy.

If approved by the Senate, Ms Miers – who has never sat as a judge – will take up the place left by Sandra Day O’Connor, who stepped down in July.

Ms Miers, 60, said she was humbled. The Supreme Court is one of the most influential bodies in US public life.

But some of Mr Bush’s supporters have expressed concern at her lack of conservative credentials.

Mr Bush’s announcement came as the Supreme Court prepared for its first day of work after the summer recess.

The nine-member court will be considering some of the most bitterly contested social issues in the US, including assisted suicide, abortion, same-sex marriage, human cloning and campaign finance law.” More…

This latest move by his majesty the President now has both parties freaked out!!
(Psst.. Ms. Miers, you might lighten up on that mascara.)