So what’s Jay and David been saying about Harriet “Quag” Miers?

“A lot of conservative Republicans say they are very upset about President Bush’s choice of Harriet Miers. They say she has no experience, she doesn’t know anything about constitutional law, and she’s never shown any interest in it. Where were these people with the high standards when they nominated Bush to be president?” –Jay Leno

“She’s never been a judge before, never served on the bench. This is part of President Bush’s strategy of surrounding himself with people who are also in over their heads.” –Jay Leno, on Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers

“President Bush tried to reassure conservative that Harriet Miers was the best choice for the Supreme Court. He said twenty years from now she’ll be the same person she was today. Twenty years ago she was a Democrat, and Catholic.” –Jay Leno

“Interesting woman this Harriet Miers. She used to be a Democrat, and then she found God and became a Republican. Which is kind of backwards, because usually in Washingotn you become a Republican, get indicted, go to jail, then you find God.” –Jay Leno

“A lot of Republicans are baffled by this choice. You can’t really blame them. I mean, think about it. We have a more rigorous selection process on ‘The Apprentice’ than we do on the Supreme Court. At least let her get grilled by Trump.” –Jay Leno

“Records show (Miers) gave money to Al Gore’s campaign, and she also called President Bush the most brilliant man she ever met. And this is the woman we’re hiring for her judgment?” –Jay Leno

“Welcome to the ‘Late Show,’ ladies and gentlemen. It’s like the Supreme Court, anyone can get in here.” –David Letterman

“Harriet Miers, as you know, has no experience. Apparently no experience is the main requirement to be a Bush appointee.” –David Letterman

Who would dare argue with the masters of late night?