(London) Iran has begun to process a new batch of uranium to convert it to a gas that can be enriched into the material for nuclear bombs, diplomats say.

‘Conversion has resumed,’ a diplomat close to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna said.

The move comes despite heavy pressure from the US and Europe for Iran to cease all nuclear activity.

Iran denies Western claims that it has a secret nuclear weapons programme, saying it just wants nuclear power..

September 2002: Work begins on Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr
December 2002: Satellite photographs broadcast on US television reveal the existence of nuclear sites at Arak and Natanz. Iran agrees to an IAEA inspection
September 2003: IAEA gives Iran weeks to prove it is not pursuing atomic weapons
November 2003: Iran suspends uranium enrichment and allows tougher inspections; IAEA says no proof of any weapons programme
June 2004: Iran rebuked by IAEA for not fully co-operating with inquiry into nuclear activities
November 2004: Iran suspends uranium enrichment as part of deal for negotiations with EU
August 2005: Iran rejects EU proposals and resumes work at Isfahan nuclear plant

Uranium enriched to a low level is used to produce nuclear fuel, while further enrichment makes it suitable for use in atomic weapons.” More… — BBC

Brought to you by the country that vows to remove Israel from the map. Will the fact that no WMD was ever found in Iraq, and the pretext for invasion ironically give Iran an edge in it’s quest for the holy grail of mass extermination?