ABC News: Jordan says Qaeda behind blasts: “AMMAN (Reuters) – Jordan confirmed on Saturday that Al Qaeda in Iraq was behind three deadly suicide bombings that ripped through Amman hotels this week and rejected a claim by the group that a woman was among the bombers.

“In operations foiled by the security forces, Zarqawi used Jordanians. This time our security information show that those who executed the operation were not Jordanians,” the king told state news agency, referring to Jordanian-born Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, America’s deadliest foe in Iraq.

‘It’s clear that the perpetrators of the operations were three suicide bombers wearing explosive vests with metal beads to inflict maximum number of dead and injuries,’ King Abdullah said in an interview published on Saturday.”

Jordan, a close U.S. ally and one of two Arab nations to have peace treaties with Israel, had been spared al Qaeda-linked attacks that have hit other countries in the region.

Jordan spared no more. Zarqawi may now be considered a rogue even within the al Qaeda network as this latest attack is sure to alienate the Jordanian people and moderate muslims all across the region. King Abdullah will not take this lightly. Don’t be surprised to see a more activist Jordan aligning with other progressive Arab nations in helping to stablize Iraq in the coming months. Playing perhaps even a role in President’s Bush’s exit strategy with support from more moderate Arab nations to support the new Iraqi government in peace keeping efforts any way they can. This will become even more likely as the murderer Zarqawi continues to kill innocent Arabs and Muslims outside of Iraq in the name of Islamic holy war.

Our hearts go out to the Jordanian people and we hope for even higher levels of solidarity in our mutual fight to rid the world of these human instruments of evil. – zzb