Is the Main Stream Media (MSM) going too far in it’s effort to vilify the current Administration? So much so that it is becoming a danger to our National Security? Where is the line? Has US News and the NYT crossed it? When does a constant pattern of compromising and obstructing the efforts of our intelligence agencies become tantamout to “aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war”? If that time is now, as in the recent expose at the Times and this “story” by US News, does this White House have the spine to confont it ??

Michelle Malkin raises this and similar questions in her column today…

You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?


Request seeks list of Muslim homes, businesses, mosques targeted under secret program

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 12/27/05) – A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today announced the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all government records relating to a secret government program that monitored the radiation levels at more than 100 Muslim homes, businesses and mosques in the capital region and in other areas nationwide…

…The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed the FOIA request with the Department of Justice, including the FBI, and the Department of Energy.

In the request, CAIR asked for: 1) “Records concerning the authority of President Bush to delegate or personally authorize surveillance without obtaining a court order as required by FISA,” and 2) “Comprehensive lists and addresses of the over a hundred Muslim sites (including mosques, organizations, businesses, warehouses and homes) in Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas and Seattle which have been targeted for radiological surveillance by this top secret program…”

Thanks, US News. Next time, why not just hand over whatever classified information you obtain directly to al Qaeda?

If only these MSM blabbermouths invested as much energy exposing the terrorist sympathies and connections of CAIR as they did in exposing every last Bush administration counterterrorism measure to protect American lives, they’d fully understand the damage they have done.

Washington needs to step up to the plate and take the gloves off with respect to MSM’s apparent mission to stoop to new depths in order to throw obstacles in front of the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and this Administration. They say they do this in the name of protecting our individual rights — but most every thinking American knows there’s also a political agenda behind it. Mainstream America is supportive of our government doing everything it can to protect it’s citizens from indiscriminate murder. Even if it means invading the privacy of suspected terrorist conspirators that happen to be living in this country! U.S. Citizens or not! If a suspected group has nothing to hide, they should have nothing to worry about. Take a poll and see just how many Americans feel this way. Why give a suspected terrorist group an edge?

In a time of war everyone should recognize that we may have to give up some freedoms (not all) for the greater good. We do this at airports every day! The left and the press seem to want to obstruct the very people who are sworn to protect us and now some over zealous reporters are flirting with aiding and abetting an enemy in a time of war in order to promote their own agendas by leaking information in the form of a “story” that potentially threatens the lives of our citizens. Why? What’s their real motive if not political? And if that is the case, then their actions are a threat to all of us and they need to be held accountable. That’s how we feel about it.

There needs to be a balance. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” should not be contrued to mean “Give me Safety at the Expense of All Liberty” the Law of the Land needs to adjust to asymetrical threats without compromising what we stand for as a nation. So to the Senate… when you return from Holiday… give careful consideration to the renewal of the Patriot Act and put your politics aside and search your souls for the right balance!