The latest on the trapped miners via AP:

(TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va.) – Rescuers trying to reach 13 trapped miners punched a hole into the mine early Tuesday, but a company executive said he was ‘very discouraged’ by air quality tests.

Carbon monoxide levels measured 1,300 parts per million, exceeding the 400 parts per million maximum safe level, said Ben Hatfield, chief executive officer of mine owner International Coal Group Inc.

‘We are very discouraged by the results of this test,’ Hatfield said.

Still, Hatfield said the trapped miners could still be alive.

‘They could be in another location or they could be barricaded somewhere,’ Hatfield told reporters.

The test results were announced after crews drilled the hole. They also sent a camera down the 6 1/4 inch hole to look for signs of life, and planned to move in a camera-equipped robot, Gov. Joe Manchin said.

‘We’re still hoping for that miracle as you know,” Manchin told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” — AP

The signs don’t look promising for these courageous souls that risk their lives to ensure our nation has a supply of coal for coal burning energy generation. Keep them and their families in your prayers. — Staff