Howard Stern is taking off his gloves and going after CBS in a pre emptive strike of his own. He fully expects a lawsuit claiming he cost the network millions of dollars by “promoting” his move to Sirus radio while on the air last summer. Frankly… we wonder why they left him on the air if that was such an issue? Could it have been that the sky rocketing ratings they were getting over the summer might have had something to do with it? Talk about trying to have it both ways! CBS with lower ratings than George Bush still doesn’t get it!

‘They’re floundering,’ Stern said, adding that talk of a suit was meant as a distraction from CBS Radio’s problems.

Stern said he had a meeting with Moonves and CBS Radio chief executive Joel Hollander about three weeks ago to discuss their complaints.

‘I said, ‘Les, what’s going on?” said Stern. ‘He said it’s nothing personal, it’s just business. But … it is personal.’

Stern’s move to Sirius, touted more than a year in advance, was seen as a bold bid by the fledgling satellite radio business to attract some of his millions of fans as paying subscribers.

Stern said his move garnered much media attention and CBS added to it, booking him for appearances on its news magazine show ’60 Minutes’ and ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’

‘I made them millions of dollars. If I was hurting them why did they keep me on the air for 14 months?’ Stern said. ‘How can you have it both ways?'”