[Hat Tip: Baldy] We saw this posted on LGF. It speaks volumes about the logic being used by these radical Imams.

List of Muslim Prophets:
Adam (Same name used in Bible) ???
Idris (Enoch) ?????
Nuh (Noah) ???
Hud (Heber) ???
Saleh (Shelah) ????
Ibrahim (Abraham) ?????¡ 0;?
Lut (Lot) ???
Ismail (Ishmael) ?????¡ 0;?
Ishaq (Isaac) ?????
Yaqub (Jacob) ?????
Yusuf (Joseph) ????
Ayub (Job) ????
Shoaib (Jethro) ????
Musa (Moses) ????
Harun (Aaron) ?????
Zulkifl (possibly Ezekiel) ?? ?????
Daud (David) ????
Sulayman (Solomon) ????? 6;
Ilyas (Elijah) ?????
Al-Yasa (Elisha) ?????
Yunus (Jonah) ????
Zakariya (Zechariah) ?????
Yahya (John) ????
Isa (Jesus) ????

HOW MANY of these would they riot over? Would Muslims riot over a desecration of the Chruch of the Nativity?” — Baldy / LGF

How come they were not protesting the artistic expression of Renee Cox a few posts down from this one! Seems like Isa was on the hit parage as well… and Moses !! Well that is a real laugh. Moses… who is the patriarch of their most hated people! Lots of Jews on this list!!

Good post baldy! Where is the emotion around the lack of respect for Christianity and Judaism ?? Hypocrites, barbarians and their religious leaders who are encouraging these riots need to be arrested for inciting civil unrest, tried and deported to Iran, Palestine and Syria.