The stage is now fully set for the REAL showdown in the Middle East. The U.S. has strategically surrounded Iran bounded by Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention bases in Turkey and the projection of air power from Naval fleets. Note the response from Iran… the diplomatic equivalent of flipping the bird to the entire world. Only Venezula (Cindy Sheehan’s new friend), Syria and Cuba voting AGAINST referal to the U.N. Security Council!!! Mother Moonbat Sheehan and her lunatic followers are aligned with a regime that is sympathetic to an Iranian government on a fast track to develop nuclear armament with an outspoken intention to elimanate Israel from the face of the earth! Way to go Dems! You should thank your lucky stars she was NOT front and center at the State of the Union Address!

…Backlashes are inevitable and will increase expotentially. Iran’s strategy is to sow the seeds of fear…How many in the Sheehan camp would trust the Iranian leader before they trusted their own government?…

Centrist American voters… wake up!
The Democratic “base” of which Ms. Sheehan is now an icon, along with the other liberal stars of the Anti-U.S. movement which all “have a better way”… begs the question of what “way” that might that be? Could it be isolationism, retreat and denial of looming threats? A find a hole and stick your head in it strategy which reacts only after the fact?. How many in the Sheehan camp would trust the Iranian leader before they trusted their own government? How many have really dilluted themselves into believing that Iran has only peaceful intentions? Believing the rest of world, 35 nations in this case, led by that evil Satan the U.S., is just paranoid and picking on them by taking a PREMPTIVE and PUNATIVE posture? How many more will align themselves in a traitor like fashion and will take sides with countries like Syria, Cuba and Venezuela over their own nation? Time for them to emmigrate to Syria, Cuba and Venezuala and change their citizenship.

Undecided voters, Libertarians, Independents, recognize this. Most Republicans all know this President is not the sharpest tack in the draw, and has screwed up. But in 2008 what “philosphy” would you want leading this nation? The alternative to the Republican Party appears to be a party that can’t take a stand and clearly articulate any PREMPTIVE position to protect us against the looming threats in a violent war that has been declared against us. A war declared against our democratic freedoms. Freedom of thought, of expression, monetary success and diversity of religious beliefs. The big showdown is waiting in the wings. Iraq was only a warm up!

Nuclear Panel Votes to Report Tehran to U.N. – New York Times: “VIENNA, Feb. 4 — The 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency voted here on Saturday to report Iran’s nuclear case to the United Nations Security Council, a move that could change the course of international diplomacy toward Iran and open the door to international punishment of the country.”

Iran announced after the vote that it would immediately end its voluntary nuclear cooperation with the agency and that it would begin full-scale production of enriched uranium, which can be used to produce electricity or to help build nuclear bombs. Branding the resolution as “politically motivated,” Javad Vaidi, the head of Iran’s negotiating team, told reporters that Iran would “immediately bring into force” a law requiring such action.

The vote by the atomic agency is the climax of a two-and-a-half-year campaign by the Bush administration to convince the world that suspicions about Iran’s nuclear program are so serious that the issue must come before the Security Council for judgment. More…

Iran has learned how to manipulate the U.N. from observing Iraq and they will follow the exact same script figuring that in the end they will be able cast the U.S. and Israel as the “bad guy” counting on the rest of the world to isolate us and polarize all muslim people against non muslim nations. That is why you are seeing the violence in the E.U. where the muslim “countries within countries” are polarizing European nations. Backlashes are inevitable and will increase expotentially. Iran’s strategy is to sow the seeds of fear, follow the Sadaamist non cooperation strategy and test the U.N.’s resolve, in order to buy themselves time to develop and then surely demonstrate a nuclear capability in the region with a test, or worse an assult. Once that happens, we are sure they believe they will then have upper hand in setting the agenda in the Middle East and turing the world against Israel by relying on their bet that cowardice in hearts of “non-muslims” generated by terror will result in retreat from supporting Israel in any future confrontation which, of course, is radical Islam’s ultimate goal. The world can’t wait for that scenerio to unfold. Hence philosophies of premption, both diplomatic and military, are the only options left to the nations in the immediate area, and the world in general. Prophetic?

The curtain is now raised on ACT II in the War on Terror. Take it to the bank!