Funny, our one party media hasn’t mentioned this Saudi-owned ports operation. Maybe they don’t know about it, as the company’s only been around since 1979:
(Notice the Twin Towers still standing in this photo)

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia


Government of Saudi Arabia, Saudi individuals and establishments

Head Office Riyadh, KSA

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA) was established in 1979 to meet the transportation needs of Importers and Exporters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East. Which ports ????

Here’s the list:

Baltimore, MD, Halifax, Canada, Newport News, VA, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, St. John, Canada , Houston, Texas, Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Port Newark, NJ , Brooklyn, NY.

Where’s the outrage?

Americans will be shocked as this story unfolds to learn just how much of our own infrastucture we have outsourced to foreign interests in the name of globalization and free enterprise!