(Jihad Watch): “Good thing Islam forbids beheading, or his death total might be in the thousands.

(Seriously, he was acting in accord with Qur’an 47:4, which commands Muslims to ‘strike the necks’ of unbelievers.)

‘Suspected Kidnapper Arrested in Baghdad,’ from AP:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi security forces have arrested a suspect in the 2004 kidnapping and beheading of a Japanese backpacker, officials said Thursday.

The Interior Ministry identified the suspect as Hussein Fahmi, a 28-year-old al-Qaida in Iraq operative arrested over two months ago in western Baghdad.

Fahmi confessed to carrying out 116 beheadings, including that of 24-year-old Japanese backpacker Shosei Koda, ministry official Maj. Raid al-Mafraji said.

Fahmi, who is of Egyptian and Palestinian descent, was captured by the Interior Ministry’s counterinsurgency Wolf Brigade after a tip from local residents, al-Mafraji said. ‘We managed to arrest three other terrorists with him and seized a huge amount of weapons,’ he said.”