More oppression of women in the holy Islamic state of Iran. Where is the National Organization for Women when you need them the most? Can’t find them? Maybe it’s because they spend most of their time with their heads stuck squarely in the sand absorbed in a tizzy over abortion rights. Heaven forbid openly supporting the emancipation of women in the Islamo-facist Republic of Iran.

(TEHRAN) “Dozens of women had bought tickets and hoped to cheer on the Iranian National team, were all banned from entering Tehran’s Azadi Stadium last Wednesday.

Iranian police officers stand as Iranian girls hold a banner sign which reads in Persian ‘We want to watch a match of our national soccer team’ as they wait to enter the Azadi stadium during a world cup friendly match between Iran and Costa Rica in Tehran, on Wednesday March, 1, 2006. Iranian women are not allowed to attend actual matches of the men’s teams which are held in the coliseum. Iran won 3-2.

Iranian security officers forcefully removed several hundred women spectators from an indoor stadium as they were watching athletes performing in the 2006 Gymnastics World Cup tournament being held in Tehran, eye-witnesses reported.

The action took place on the opening day of the tournaments as fans gathered in Tehran’s 12,000-seater Azadi indoor stadium to watch the international gymnasts compete.

Little more than 10 minutes after the start of the games, intelligence officials from the government’s sports institution entered the stalls of the arena and demanded that all women exit the facility.

Among those asked to leave were several female translators for the international teams that were competing on the day.

Must a fun place for an educated woman. Wait till the stoning begins young ladies. You will have a front row seat in the stadium for that event.