(WASHINGTON)(2006-04-28) — As May 1st draws near and America prepares for the hardship and suffering of “A Day without Illegal Immigrants”, the Justice Department announced today plans to mark the protest movement with its own act of civil disobedience.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he’ll encourage federal, state and local law enforcement on Monday to respond to illegal immigration rallies by observing “A Day without Miranda Rights” followed by “A Month without Habeas Corpus” and “A Year without Bail.”” — Reported by Satirist Scott Ott

As “Uno de Mayo” approaches don’t expect to see any major confrontations. The leftist leadership of these rallies expect to fully drape themselves in the shroud of the 1st Amendment. Afterall… when in Rome, do as the Romans do… Rumor has it that on June 1st we may see the first Disposessed Insurgent Freedom Day where we welcome the former misled Iraqi insurgents ( errr… reformed freedom fighters) to the U.S. if in exchange they promise to sign up for a green card. Afterall… insurgents are people too!