Illegal immigrants take to the streets on Monday, “Uno de Mayo”, in a “walk out” to demonstrate their value to American society and in support of their cutting in line for a quick amnesty. Cutting ahead of other law abiding would be American citizens from many nations who wait patiently on line to receive their green cards, respecting our laws in the process. Why should anyone here be surprised by this sense of instant entitlement? Illegal immigrants have learned well how to play the squeaky wheel fiddle while living here in the U.S. Not to mention their power seeking anti-American anti-U.S. government “leadership” who are positioning their “oppressed and maligned” as a voting block should they be granted immunity. They are even re-writting our National Anthem! That’s just good old fashioned American creativity!

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric, illegal aliens do take away potential jobs from the LEGAL AMERICAN POOR in this country. The “non-indentured servitude” employers and the illegals both need to be held accountable for breaking the law, and at the very least get on line and apply for a green card behind those who are registered and respect the law. Without the rule of law, there IS NO SOCIETY.

Meanwhile, south of border, the nefarious Mexican legislature makes possession of Heroin, Cocaine and Marijuana legal at the individual level. Gee… we wonder how long it will be before Mexican illegals will take to the streets demanding equal protection under our U.S. law for their Mexican right to shoot up dope?? If this isn’t a sound reason for significantly increasing border patrol jobs (jobs that could go to those LEGAL poor folk we mentioned) while building a state of the art patrolled barrier between Mexico and the U.S., we don’t know what is! Crank up legal local militias, customs, law enforcement and position the National Guard and select military along the border to enforce both our drug laws and our immigration laws! If we can invade Iraq with our “projection of power”, we are certainly capable as a nation of protecting our own borders! Washington law-makers instead are much too busy trying to figure out how to capitalize on, and win the Latino vote, rather than funding and supporting the rule of law!

But then again… The songs of entitlement as usual echo in the background, as Senators and Congressmen sit around their legislative campfires immersed in the fragrance of their own flatulence. All the while the demonstrators chant:

“Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!” — cr. Mel Brooks / Blazing Saddles