Wizbang: Explosively Unique…: “Today we have three media mess ups that explain exactly why people choose to get their news from sources other than the MSM.

NBC plans to create the news. Michelle Malkin reports on an e-mail she received which shows that NBC is looking to create a story. Dateline wants to video tape muslim men as they attend sporting events, such as a NASCAR race, to document the reaction of those around them.

Nice. NBC’s and Dateline’s objective journalists seem to think there are a lot of bigots at NASCAR races and are expecting to hit pay dirt with examples of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab behavior.

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Apparently Reuters bought into the terrorists’ claims that they shot down a US helicopter. Al Jazeera played the terrorists’ video of the wreckage, which Reuters then reported. There’s one problem. The video was imprinted with the year 2000. Could it be simply the incorrect time programmed into the camera? Possibly. Could it be the terrorists are lying? More likely.

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