(2006-05-24) — In another example of President George Bush’s isolation, and his administration’s ‘information lockdown’, the White House today refused comment on the nation’s three most significant news stories.

Despite repeated questions from professional journalists, White House spokesman Tony Snow said the president would make no comment about the fate of injured Kentucky Derby-winning horse, Barbaro, or about his favorite contestant on ‘American Idol‘, or whether ABC did the right thing by going with a single anchor for its evening newscast.

Several reporters complained that the president was ignoring what’s most important because he’s distracted by Iran’s long-range missile tests, China’s massive military buildup, U.S. border security and dozens of other issues “insignificant to most Americans.”

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas said she “hasn’t seen a president so disconnected from the day-to-day lives of his constituents” since she covered the Coolidge administration.” — Satirical reporting by Scott Ott / ScrappleFace