Want an interesting perspective on the Zargawi extermination? Check this out from Aljazeera…

“‘We anticipated that he would be killed for a very long time,’ Sayil al-Khalayla told The Associated Press on Thursday in a telephone interview from al-Zarqa, the poor industrial town that al-Zarqawi called home and from which he derived his name.

‘We expected that he would be martyred,’ he said, in a low voice, signalling his grief over the death of his brother, whose real name is Ahmad Fadhil Nazzal al-Khalayla.

‘We hope that he will join other martyrs in heaven.’

In the wake of a triple hotel bombings in Amman in November, claimed by al-Zarqawi’s group, his family told King Abdullah II that they ‘severed links with him until doomsday’.

In newspaper adverts, 57 members of the al-Khalayla family, including Sayil, reiterated their allegiance to the king.” More…

Read the rest of the rejoicing and glee from his family as they believe he is now in heaven with their other glorious “martyrs”. No RIP on his virtual grave… rather a hearty BIH. (Burn in Hell) Here’s a link if you want to get a peak at a few of the awesome recycled 72 Virgins he is now having a ball with… (hat-tip: hans ze beeman)