From the National Post

They are young, militant and Canadian. And according to senior counterterrorism authorities, they have been plotting large-scale terrorist attacks on Canadian soil. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service acknowledged this week it has been investigating groups of “homegrown” extremists. In candid testimony to the Senate national security committee, the agency went on to say that these young followers of the “al-Qaeda ideology” have been plotting against targets within Canada.

“They are not looking to Afghanistan, the U.K. or anywhere else,” Jack Hooper, the CSIS Deputy Director of Operations, testified on Monday.
The exact targets of these young terrorists were not revealed, but it is their profile that is most shocking: young Canadian Muslims who have somehow become radicalized while growing up in Canada.

They are “homegrown.” In other words, they have emerged from within Canada, rather than infiltrating it from abroad. They are insiders, not outsiders like Millennium Bomber Ahmed Ressam, who was behind Canada’s last major terrorism scare in 1999.

“Increasingly, we are learning of more and more extremists that are homegrown,” says a declassified CSIS report obtained by the National Post. “The implications of this shift are important.”
Across the Atlantic, the term “European Jihad” is now used to describe the new generation of young Muslim extremists who not only live in Europe, but also consider it a legitimate terrorist target. — [HatTip LGF and Cox&Forkum]

Home grown and very disturbing news for our friends up north who are probably stunned at the terrorist bust last Friday. No country is immune from this lunacy, whether they set foot in Iraq or not. Like it or not, accept it or not, we are in a war of culture and ideology that will only result in backlash, increased government survilence and less personal freedoms in general. Orwell’s 1984 is approaching. Just 22 years behind schedule.