[Hat Tip Michelle Malkin ] — NY State Comptroller Alan Hevesi tells college grads, “Bush should be shot between the eyes” at a commencement exercise in Queens NY. Isn’t there a law against threatening the President of the United States? And isn’t this sort of rhetoric getting way out of control?

Michelle Malkin: DEM: PUT BULLET BETWEEN BUSH’S EYES: “State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly apologized Thursday for a ‘beyond dumb’ remark about ‘putting a bullet between the president’s eyes.’

Hevesi hastily called a mea culpa press conference hours after putting his foot in his mouth at the Queens College commencement.

The Queens College media relations office said it had videotaped the commencement but could not immediately provide a copy of the tape or a transcript.

At the press conference, a contrite Hevesi repeated what he recalled saying in the speech. The comptroller said he was merely trying to convey that Sen. Charles Schumer has strength and courage to stand up to the president.

‘I apologize to the president of the United States’ as well as to Schumer, said Hevesi. ‘I am not a person of violence.’

‘I am apologizing as abjectly as I can. There is no excuse for it. It was beyond dumb.’

Hevesi said he hadn’t been in touch with the White House but he hoped his apology reached President Bush.

Hevesi also called his comments ‘remarkably stupid’ and ‘incredibly moronic.’

‘I do speak extemporaneously,’ he said. ‘And I’ve never said anything like this.'” More…

We guess the devil made him do it since he had no idea what got into him. (Omen is coming out on 6/6/06, maybe Damian made him do it!) We guess he just could not resist becoming Mr. Popularity on campus for at least one day by making such a dumb, coarse remark. There was a time in the U.S. where such a remark in public would have had the Secret Service up your ass. Just add one more dumb ass politician to the long list with the dread Hoof in Mouth disease.