Watch how the U.N. will attempt to pass a resolution condemming Israel for the invasion of the state of Palestine. Afterall, the Hamas Islamo-nazi government was duly elected by western democratic elections, weren’t they? These events will unfold just as sure as the sun will be rising in the east tommorow morning. More than likely it will lead to a confrontation with Syria that will draw Russia back into aliging with Syria and Iran. Just a gut feel. De ja vue all over again? Or will Russia align with the West this time to put an end to Islamo-facist terrorism…? Observe events in Chechneya closely and aliances with China and North Korea! The world has become one dangerous place in an aweful hurry. Does anyone still doubt that the world is at war aside from the New York Times??

Israeli forces rounded up Palestinian Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from the Islamic Hamas, increasing pressure on the Islamic militants to release a captured Israeli soldier, and witnesses said tanks moved into northern Gaza, widening Israel’s largest military operation in the year since Israel pulled out of the seaside territory.

Adding to the tension, a Palestinian militant group said it executed an 18-year-old Jewish settler kidnapped in the West Bank. Palestinian security officials said they believed the body of Eliahu Asheri had been found in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Palestinian security officials said Israeli forces detained the Palestinian deputy prime minister, Nasser Shaer, and three other Cabinet ministers, as well as four lawmakers in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Two others were arrested in the town of Jenin, they said, and Israeli media reported a roundup of Hamas lawmakers in Jerusalem and other locations.

The military refused to comment. Israel blames Hamas for the attack Sunday in which two soldiers were killed and a third captured when militants tunneled under the border and attacked an army post, setting off the invasion.

Before daybreak Thursday, witnesses said Israeli tanks and bulldozers moved into northern Gaza, stopping about 200 yards inside Palestinian territory across from the Jebaliya refugee camp. No clashes were reported. However, the miltiary denied its forces had moved into northern Gaza. More…

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