Michelle Malkin was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox News today at approx 4PM EDT. Although there were no counterpoints, it was clear that both Ms. Malkin and Mr. Cavuto were stunned at the total ineffectiveness of the deportation process as Michelle explained that there exists in fact a government paid for “board” which 9 times out of 10 ends up representing the illegals to counter rulings for deporation. Processes and legal filings that can from months to years to complete while the illegals stay in the U.S. She explained illegals have access to this gov’t funded agency which represents them to contest an immigration judge’s ruling when the judge rules in favor of deportation !

It’s becoming clear to mainstream Americans that the entire border security issue in the U.S. is a joke. Politicians see it as nothing more than a hot potato issue that they had hoped would have gone away by now. It won’t however… not any time soon with the House of Representatives ready to dig in heals against any action which even smells like amnesty for those who are in the U.S. illegally.