Scott Ott provides us some insight in the changing foreign strategy within the State Department and the “new” Bush doctrine of the high seas. In case you haven’t noticed the prez has learned a new word. Diplomacy. If you gott’em (nukes), we’ll talk, if you don’t, your shit out of luck.


(2006-07-10) — With Time magazine’s announcement that the era of President George Bush’s ‘cowboy diplomacy‘ has officially ended, the weekly opinion journal will announce next week the start of the era of ‘pirate diplomacy.’

The cowboy label came as a result of the president’s declaration that he wanted Usama Bin Laden “dead or alive.” But in the new era of pirate diplomacy, Time’s editors write that the Commander in Chief will respond to North Korean missile launches and Iranian nuclear snubs with new picturesque expressions like “Aaargh!” and “Shiver me timbers!”

“Bush is really tuned into pop culture,” according to an editorial in next week’s magazine. “What with the popularity of ‘Dead Man’s Chest‘, the president realizes that ‘pirate’ is the new ‘cowboy’.”

According to this scenario, Time editors will replace the outmoded ’swagger ‘ metaphor with the more contemporary term ’swashbuckling’ to describe the Bush doctrine.

The forthcoming editorial explains that, “The use of dramatic terms like cowboy and pirate saves time and intellectual energy for our readers, who don’t want to be bothered with careful analysis of the president’s foreign policy as it applies to varied situations. The simple people need a clever, easy-to-remember way of talking about complex issues, and we provide that.”

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