BBC News:

The Jordanian public prosecutor has called for the death penalty for an Iraqi woman charged over a multiple suicide bombing in Jordan last year.

The prosecutor said Sajida Rishawi and co-defendants were a “scourge” who sought to spread death and destruction.

Ms Rishawi is accused of trying but failing to blow herself up in one of three hotels targeted in the capital, Amman, on 9 November.

Her Iraqi husband and two other bombers killed 60 people in the attacks.

Shortly after she was arrested days after the blasts, Ms Rishawi, 35, confessed on state television that she tried to carry out an attack on the Radisson SAS hotel.

She later retracted her confession, saying it had been forced out of her, and claimed she had turned back from the hotel after changing her mind.

An explosives expert however told the court in June that Ms Rishawi’s trigger mechanism, had jammed, preventing her from blowing herself up.

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