Can the G8 emerge as the crisis management replacement for the U.N. or at least play more of a major role? Will we see the day when the Security Council becomes nothing more than the administrative arm of the G8 to formalize agreements worked out with the worlds major financial powers and brought to a vote on the U.N. floor?

One can only be hopeful that the events in St. Petersburg this weekend have lead to improving the interaction and consensus building between the world’s super finacial powers. However nations like China and a moderate Arab block need to play a role… China, who have now been clearly dis-respected by North Korea in their repudiation of the UN resolution in under 45mins. (a new world record) should now see their vested interest lies in joining the G8 leaders in blocking radical ideologues, be it dictatorships in No. Korea or Islamo fascist terror organizaitons hell bent on destroying western culture and the state of Israel in the Middle East.

The joint textual statement from the G8 leaders, the formal statement from the body presumed united in direction, condemns Hezbollah, with all eight parties agreeing to the language. No mention of Iran or Syria directly, but intimated. The question is, how will the G8 back up it’s request? This remains to be seen. See from the text below courtesy of — The Independent

The Group of Eight, meeting in St Petersburg, issued a call for both Israel and the “extremist forces” of Hamas and Hizbollah to halt their attacks, and for an additional UN security and monitoring force to move in to keep the peace in Lebanon when the Israelis pull out.

The statement called for attacks on Israel to end “immediately”, and implied that Israel is entitled to retaliate if they continue.

George Bush and Tony Blair pulled off a coup by persuading Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, and France’s Jacques Chirac to sign up to a statement that blamed the violence squarely on “extremists” on the Palestinian side.

The document also avoided using the word “ceasefire”, which is what the Lebanese Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, has pleaded for, with President Chirac’s support. The US and Britain maintained that there cannot be a ceasefire which leaves Israel open to renewed attack. One concession by Mr Bush and Mr Blair is that there is no mention either of Iran and Syria, whom the two leaders identified as culprits in the Lebanon tragedy.

The document said: “The immediate crisis results from efforts by extremist forces to destabilise the region.” In an indirect swipe at Iran and Syria, it added: “These extremist elements and those that support them cannot be allowed to plunge the Middle East into chaos and provoke a wider conflict. The extremists must immediately halt their attacks. It is also critical that Israel, while exercising the right to defend itself, be mindful of the strategic and humanitarian consequences of its actions.” — The Independent

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