via AP:

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah on Monday dismissed international ceasefire proposals as “Israeli conditions,” accusing foreign envoys of allowing Israel time to continue its military offensive to force Lebanon into submission.

“The international envoys have conveyed Israeli conditions. These conditions are rejected,” said Hezbollah legislator Hussein Haj Hassan. “We accept what secures our country’s interest and pride and dignity and not to submit to Israeli conditions,” he said on al-Jazeera television late Monday.

He spoke after UN and European Union envoys as well as France’s prime minister discussed with Lebanon’s government ways to end the six-day-old ferocious fighting between Israeli troops and Hezbollah guerrillas. Israel has demanded the guerrillas release two Israeli soldiers they captured last Wednesday and pull far back from the border as conditions for any ceasefire.

Well there you have it. So what does the G8 do next? Write more press releases and hold more photo ops? Does anyone know what the Vegas odds are on world conflict with Syria, Iran and N. Korea by year’s end? Someone there must be taking action on that one!

The scenarios are mindboggling! Moderate Arab nations such as Egypt and Jordan are now openly condeming Hezboulah and Hamas for destabilizing the peace progress immediatly after the Israeli pullout from Gaza. Who will these nations align with in the coming WWIII? No sooner had Israel pulled out of Gaza than the rockets started dropping over the “border” like not so many bottle rockets on the 4th of July. Everyone seems to forget that! Israel actually pulled out, did the world forget the scenes of the settlements being vacated? The best chance for peace in over a decade now destroyed by Hamas. The Palestinian people elected those ass holes, so one can only concluded they must all obviously have a death wish.

So what happened next? Israel fires mortars over the border in defense to take out the rocket sites, kills Palestinian civilians on picnic (like this is something new) and in response Hamas crosses border into Israel and kidnaps soldier(s). Soldiers, if actually alive and not disemboweled, are probably sitting in a prison cell somewhere in Tehran about now. All this happens to coincide with the Iranian deadline for it’s response to the U.N. regarding uranium enrichment program from the leader of a nation that publically annouces that Israel should be “wiped off the map”.

Ok… now it is time for the G8 to get serious and call for a multi-national occupation of the Lebanon southern border areas. An occupation that includes representation from Egypt, Jordan, Emerates, Kuwait and any other “kingdom” that doesn’t want to see it’s throne toppled by islamo-facisim, Iranian style.

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