An interesting perspective on the self destructive nature of the middle eastern anti-zionist islamo-facists. Israel time and time again, grants and takes steps to offer the olive branch and the radical anti semetic groups just rain more misery on themselves. Why you might ask? Well it just seems to be in their nature to be self destructive…

A Comment from Gates of Vienna:

Only a vegetable would say jihad does not mean violence when applied to the struggle between Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb.

In Islam, jihad is sacred. In it, Islam is a political structure that has combined rule and religion.

We in the west don’t get that.

The violence is sacred and political at the same time. That is why islam is winning this war of religion. The west is fighting and denying at every turn that this is a war of religions. We might wish it [not] to be that way, but the enemy has never claimed it was anything else!

BOOM! says it all – even in jest. — [Hat tip: Mussolini]

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